Our standards

The ideas and principles that define our companies mission to be the very best in our industry and provide clear guidelines for our companies culture.

Man and woman in discussions

Our Culture Defines Us

A solid basis of experience and a total commitment to achieve excellent results in all that we do.

Team leader highlighting and explaining items spread out on desk

Our Aspirations Guide Us

A desire to move with the times and regularly reassess our goals to improve our knowledge and role this out throughout our company.

Our Clients Focus Us

At the centre of what we do is to make sure that in all areas of our company we put our customers' satisfaction first.

Our mission

  • Professional Practices: Our mission, as leaders in our industry, to continue providing the highest level of service and standards. We achieve this because we are consistently striving to improve and maintain our high standards.
  • Striving for Excellence: We have developed our operations model to make sure that all our staff, from Cleaning Operatives to Accounts Managers, have clearly defined roles and responsibilities that they understand. In doing so, we have put in place risk mitigation, quality enhancement and peace of mind that is consistent - enabling us to be adaptable and work in dynamic and unique environments.
  • We don't just keep your business clean; we are your strategic partner and support all of your core activities.
  • We believe in Value for Money, and through managing and developing innovative solutions, we are the resolution for your challenges.
  • We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients, collaborating toward achieving common goals to build stronger business partnerships.
  • We aim always to make positive contributions for our employees, the communities and businesses that we serve.

Our Vision

  • To be recognised by all our customers, staff, and industry, as the most regarded and driving supplier of contract cleaning services in Bournemouth and Dorset.
  • To raise our position as an industry leader, excelling our services through expertise, consultations and implementation of industry insights.
  • To cultivate understanding and dedication to the contract-client relationship, developing a mutually beneficial partnership to achieve a common goal.



Our Values

  • Integrity – Demonstrating openness and honesty at all times.
  • Commitment – Using passion and dedication to convey excellence in performance.
  • Innovation – Committed to seeking out new ways to improve efficiency
  • Knowledge – Cultivating a culture of learning to enhance our expertise in the contract cleaning services field.
  • Safety and sustainability – Protecting the physical and mental health of our staff and clients while safeguarding the environment.
  • Ownership – Encouraging a culture of accountability and responsibility through support and clear guidance.
  • Respect – Developing an understanding of everyone and every business at an individual level.


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