What if your service provider has a quality assurance program that focused not only on your current goals but on pushing the definition of success?

Mint Services is that partner.

Our Quality Program is a performance-based system for measuring, monitoring, and evaluating service delivery.

Measurable outcomes that directly address client expectations. Control processes and digital tools that assure results.

Analysis that advances services forward.


  • Quantifiable results that are documented and verified
  • Actionable improvements which are achieved by data-led insights
  • Flexibility to adapt quality metrics to your changing priorities
  • Commitment to progression of services and standards


Our staff have the opportunity each day to produce results that directly impact customer experience.

We have a responsibility to prepare and support them to ensure that this experience is a positive one.

We invest in our employees through education.

For our clients, this builds value by instilling confidence that services at your site are delivered by observant, responsible cleaning staff.

For us, it’s cleaning smartly by understanding staff training is instrumental to producing high-quality results.


  • Professionalised workforce, trained in relevant skills
  • Better, more consistent cleaning results
  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism
  • Improved safety and security