Sustainable Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is a heavy water-use industry; as such, we at Mint Services are committed to reducing and conserving water where we can. Our technological and innovative equipment investment means that we are seeking ways in which to reduce our impact on water resources.

We are also proud to use energy-efficient equipment, environmentally friendly solvents and solutions and have pioneered training for all of our cleaning services staff. Our Green Cleaning Training Program has been developed to ensure that all staff are familiar with current cleaning practices that reduce wastage, save energy and conserve water.

As part of our Green Cleaning Plans, we consistently recycle where appropriate and avoid using plastic where we can

Our goal is to remove all substances that are harmful to the environment and reduce contamination risks where we can.


  • Reduced environmental impact, while maintaining quality standards
  • Cleaning products and practices that protect health and wellbeing
  • Improved indoor environment and air quality
  • Financial benefits, such as lower energy costs, faster leasing times
  • Contribute to healthier, more engaged staff, employees, tenants, and visitors
  • Lengthen the life span of building assets

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