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Professional Commercial Cleaning in Bournemouth

Here at Mint Services Ltd, we’re proud to provide commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth and throughout the surrounding areas. Having offered commercial cleaning in Bournemouth for many years now, we have become the first choice for a number of businesses looking for high standard cleaning. Regardless of the size of your premises, we’re confident in saying that we can help. No job is ever too small or too large for our team.

We strive for complete satisfaction and cleanliness with all our commercial cleans in Bournemouth. Be it an office clean or showroom, our team at Mint Services Ltd will always go above and beyond to ensure the best possible results. We want you as our client to be happy with the level of service and satisfied with just how clean it is.

For 5* commercial cleaning in Bournemouth, look no further than Mint Services Ltd. We have years of experience in professional commercial cleaning in Bournemouth so we’re here to take care of your every need. If you would like to know more about our commercial cleaning in Bournemouth or any of the local surrounding areas, be sure to get in touch with us. Simply contact Mint Services Ltd today to discuss your needs for commercial cleaning in Bournemouth and we’ll be happy to help.

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Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean business environment can be extremely challenging. From the constant traffic of employees to customers, offices to warehouses, we often find that the cleaning is left forgotten about. This is so common and nothing to be ashamed of, business and work comes first, hence why we’re here to take care of the commercial cleaning. Regardless of the size of the premises, large or small we’ll be able to help. Mint Services Ltd offers commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth to cater to all business needs. Some of our services include:

  • Offices cleans
  • Warehouse cleans
  • Distribution centre cleans
  • Showroom cleans
  • Shop cleans


Regardless of the kind of commercial clean you require, Mint Services Ltd will always work with you to ensure the best results. Be it regular office cleans or a thorough shop clean, we’re here to cater to your every need. Even if your needs have not been met above, Mint Services Ltd can still help you. All we ask is that you call us today to find out more about our commercial cleaning services.

Where Do We Provide Our Commercial Cleaning In Bournemouth?
Mint Services provide commercial cleaning in various premises types including warehouses, distribution centres and factories across Bournemouth. Our staff are based in the local area and are professional, dependable and prepared to start cleaning for your business.



Distribution Centres

More About Our Commercial Cleaning Services

At Mint Services, we understand just how busy your schedule can be. We have taken time to develop bespoke cleaning services that work around you to meet your needs. Getting to know you and your business helps us to provide custom-made commercial cleaning services that enhance your ability to continue your work, the way you want.

Our Bournemouth team are ready to provide you with expert cleaning services. Whether that be an essential specialist clean, interim in-depth cleans or daily office cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that we will provide crucial services tailored just for you.

As part of our bespoke service, you can also benefit from window cleaning, specialist floor maintenance or hygiene washroom services. Our expert team of cleaning operatives are trained to deliver any cleaning services that you require and are briefed on what your needs are, when you need them, and how often, in accordance to your customised cleaning contract.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning Contracts To Suit You

We do understand the importance of keeping your commercial premises hygienically clean. Equally, we appreciate the importance of your business and will work with you to minimise disruption. To guarantee that we operate silently and, in the background when creating your contract, we will design our services individually to work with your schedule. We arrange for our specialist cleaning teams to start either early in the morning before your employees arrive, or after work in the evening, once your employees have gone home.

Resulting in a clean and safe working environment for you and your staff every day and you don't have to worry about our expert operators causing any distractions!

Personalised Attention & A Dedicated Account Manager

It is important to us that we provide you with the best possible cleaning service. No matter the size of your business, or the kind of commercial cleaning services you are after, we pride ourselves on ensuring that all our customers are well looked after and are completely satisfied.

To ensure your satisfaction, we include an assigned Personal Accounts Manager to work with you, providing your unique commercial cleaning services and be your direct point of contact for any queries or questions you may have.

We can support you with flexible commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth. Get in touch with our professional team at Mint Services today to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Clean

It goes without saying that an office or workspace that is regularly cleaned will look far better than one that isn’t. Even if you and your employees are currently trying to keep on top of cleaning, having a commercial cleaner will take away the stress and hassle of it all. Having regular commercial cleans will allow you to get on with your normal business day without fretting over the cleanliness of your premises or how it looks for customers. With that, some benefits of regular commercial cleans include:

  • No hassle of keeping on top of cleaning
  • Safe environment to work
  • Reduced risk of spreading Covid-19
  • Kills dirt, bacteria and virus’
  • Workspace looks professional and presentable
  • Safe work processes that protect your investment
  • Client-focused account team manages all services, freeing you to focus on your core business
  • Professionally-trained staff, delivering consistent services
  • Verifiable results, tracked and validated by our quality management system


You can, of course, appreciate that there are much more benefits of regular commercial cleaning. Whether you’re tired of keeping on top of things yourself, or your office is looking a little worse for wear, or commercial cleaners can take away the hassle of it all. Based in Bournemouth, our commercial cleaning service will allow you to get on with your day without worrying about the cleanliness or tidiness of the building.

Popular Commercial Cleaning Options

Choosing to have a commercial cleaner for your business will be one of the best business decisions you can make. Not only will it take the stress off you and your employees, but it will also remove the hassle of having to keep everything clean and tidy. Our commercial cleaners will be there to take care of everything. This will not only allow you to focus on more important aspects of your business, but enjoy having a clean building. With that said, some of our most popular commercial cleaning options include:

  • Office cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • Production/factory floor cleaning
  • Waste & recycling management
  • Washroom and kitchen services
  • Pressure washing
  • Carpets
  • Windows
  • Upholstery cleaning


The above points are just some of the most popular cleaning options available, if you have specific requirements for other types of cleaning, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will still be happy to help you, but the above points are just five of the most popular cleaning options we offer. So, if you’re looking for Bournemouth commercial cleaners, Mint Services Ltd can help you. Give us a call to discuss your cleaning requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate to your needs.

Flexible Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Now more than ever, the cleanliness of your premises or building is highly important. With Covid-19 at the forefront of our daily lives, it is vital to make sure everywhere is cleaned and sanitised regularly. Be it at home or work, we all must ensure that surfaces, objects, high traffic areas and ourselves are kept clean. So, at Mint Services Ltd we are here to offer flexible commercial cleaning contracts in Bournemouth to accommodate to this. Be it early morning cleans or after hours cleans, Mint Services Ltd are here to ensure that your business is kept clean and in order.

We want nothing more than for the Corona Virus to become a thing of the past, and the best way to do that is to keep ourselves, work stations, and surfaces cleaned and sanitised regularly. So, if you’re interested in flexible commercial cleaning contracts in Bournemouth, Mint Services Ltd can help. We can come and go when you please or when is best for your company, simply highlight the best time for us and we will work around you.

Local Commercial Cleaning Contractors

When it comes to local commercial cleaning contractors, Mint Services Ltd are the professionals to choose. Not only do we have years of experience in commercial cleaning, but we come highly recommended throughout Bournemouth for our services. We constantly go the extra mile, both to ensure complete satisfaction as well as outstanding cleaning for our clients. Whether we’re cleaning a large office or small shop, Mint Services Ltd will always go above and beyond to make sure everything is cleaned, sanitised and looking presentable.

Should you be looking for local commercial cleaning contractors, it’s good to know that Mint Services Ltd are always just a phone call away. We will work closely with you, your opening hours, to ensure that everything is clean and sanitised ready for your day at work. Whether you opt to have us clean every day or a few days a week, we will always go above and beyond to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Why Choose Us As Commercial Cleaners in Bournemouth?

Having offered our commercial cleaning services in Bournemouth for many years, we have developed an outstanding reputation. Firstly for our excellent customer service and also for exceptional cleans. We have listened to the feedback from our customers, and some of the main reasons why you should choose us as commercial cleaners in Bournemouth are:

  • Experienced cleaners
  • Passionate about what we do
  • Well known throughout Bournemouth
  • Cleaning services to cover all needs
  • Competitive pricing – call for a FREE quote!


5* Reviews

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Carl S

Mint Services did an excellent job of cleaning our offices in Hampshire. They were punctual, organised and competitively priced. Highly recommended!!!!

Ollie McCarthy

Please pass on our thanks to Ruben and Sonia for cleaning up our man cave! Never seen it look so clean 👍

Caroline Mepham
Thank you so much for arranging our deep clean at such short notice last weekend. Great job and a very good price. I will be in touch again when our studio is fully up and running.

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If you’re based in Bournemouth and are looking for commercial cleaners, Mint Services Ltd are by far the professionals to choose. Regardless of your needs for commercial cleaning in Bournemouth contact Mint Services Ltd today and we’ll be happy to help. Upon calling us, we can discuss your requirements, arrange your cleaning rota and talk through pricing with you. If you would like any additional information on our cleaning services we will also be able to provide it for you.

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Offering Commercial Clean Services Across Bournemouth

Commercial Cleaning Company Bournemouth – FAQs

How often should my office be cleaned?

Regularly. As professional cleaners in Bournemouth we would suggest having your office cleaned on a regular basis. However, we can come as little or as often as you require. Some offices we clean every few days, and others we clean morning and night. With Covid-19 at the forefront of our lives, we have seen a huge increase in the number of visits to our commercial cleans.

How much is a commercial cleaner?

Depending on how often, the size, and type of commercial cleaning required will alter the price. So that we can offer the most accurate rates to all our customers, we ask that you get in touch with us and from there we can provide you with a commercial cleaning quote.

How long will it take to clean my premises?

Again, the length of time it takes will depend on the type of clean and size of the premises. It can also alter depending on how often we come too.

How often should commercial carpets be cleaned?

Carpets in commercial properties should be hoovered regularly, we would recommend at least twice a week. This can vary depending on the traffic of the building and the type of premises. We also suggest commercial carpets are deep cleaned every 6 months to 1 year. This can help to keep the carpet looking fresh, and can increase the lifespan of it too.

Where do you cover?

At Mint Services Ltd, our commercial cleaning covers Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. If you’re based further afield from Bournemouth and are interested in our commercial cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we still may be able to help.