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Government Cleaning Contractors In Bournemouth

Imagine you had a service partner who understood the importance of legislation and regulatory obligations and had the framework and the accountability procedures to comply. What if you had a straightforward service partner and had the tools to engage in transparency and openness in communication?

At Mint Services, we provide high performance and janitorial service programs for public sector clients based on compliance and contract management.


Council premises, Civic Facilities, Law Courts

Research Labs

Special Use

Military, Courthouses, Detention Centres

Safety and Security

Trust in Mint Services to provide a cleaning service within your facility in a safe, secure and discrete manner. We have the infrastructure to comply with municipal, provincial, and government regulations and have comprehensive public liability insurance.

Our cleaning operatives undergo a thorough background check and must complete our rigorous screening process before we allow them to enter any worksite. We actively provide CPD that trains staff on the methods to follow confidentiality and security procedures which are fully documented and permanently recorded for traceability and accountability.

Contract Management

All service providers initiate a contract between the provider and client to lay out the terms of work; however, these are often ignored unless there is an issue to resolve. We are not like that; we have installed a service management platform that is designed to plot the trajectory of all service outputs. Providing complete contract fulfilment—allowing us to keep track and notify the flagging of any shortfalls between you and us, proactively managing the services.

We regularly audit all of our services for quality assurances and provide you with a dedicated Account Manager to streamline communication.

Transparency and Accountability

We provide you access to our exclusive web-based service management program so that you can track our progress yourself. Providing you with a client-specific password gives you full access to your account information. This also means that we are held accountable as you can see the status of work orders, staffing rosters, completion of work and inspection reports.



  • High-performance cleaning program
  • Work conducted by screened and supervised staff
  • Hands-on account management by multi-level account management team
  • Consistent results, delivered by professional, trained staff
  • Integration of contract requirements in service planning, management, and evaluation

What We Offer

  • General Cleaning Services
  • Secure Facility Services
  • Exterior Cleaning Services
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Materials and Inventory Management

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