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In retail, first impressions are significant for sales. Psychologically speaking, customers feel more comfortable spending their time and money in an appealing and welcoming environment. What if you had a service partner whose sole purpose was to provide a significant and lasting first impression?

That's Mint Services. We help you to enhance your customers experience by developing and managing janitorial solutions.

Shopping Centres


Retail Banking

Grocery Stores

Leisure Facilities

Customer Experience

According to The Retail Insider, 93% of customers started to shop elsewhere, despite the retailer having shopper loyalty. This same study found that 80% of shoppers would consider changing to a new store if the storefront was clean. At Mint Services, we get into the mindset of your customers and develop work plans, standard operating procedures, and service audits that we know your customers will notice the difference.

We purposely keep the caseload of our Account Managers low to enable us to respond quickly and thoroughly to all your cleaning requirements. We spend time focusing on training, supervision and job/task performance to reassure you that site-level satisfaction is at the forefront of your store. Even your staff will feel the difference in improved customer experience.

Have a head office? Our devoted Contract Account Team will assist as your one-stop contact to your cleaning needs.

Facility Maintenance

Our regular cleaning services may keep your retail space optimised for customer service day-to-day; however, our service will also pre-empt any challenges over the long-term.

Mint Services will provide you with the full range of cleaning services required for your premises. Our range of cleaning services from floor finishing to post-construction cleans will enhance your establishment.

Dynamic Service Delivery

We are experts in retail facilities, and our scope of work will deliver high-quality results for your store. Our plans, structure and processes will provide consistent outcomes for all of the allocated stores within your contract. Combining client care and innovative technology provides you with a unique and vigorous cleaning service.

We will provide consultations on new methods and materials that we believe will give you more efficient and enhanced impacts. We aim to make life easier for you, as part of this, we will work with you to trial new methods at your stores to help you improve performance and productivity.


  • High-performance, certified program
  • Hands-on, responsive account management team
  • Verified service deliverables
  • Improved indoor environment and air quality
  • Safe, secure service delivery
  • Protected assets

What We Offer

  • Day, Evening and Midnight Services
  • Floor Care Program, for all floor types
  • Post-Construction Services
  • Exterior Cleaning/Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Power-Washing
  • Janitorial Consultation & Auditing Services

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